Single Wide Vs Double Wide

When was the first double-wide mobile home manufactured? Why is my double-wide considered a HUD home? How energy efficient is a mobile home? Can a mobile/manufactured home have a high radon problem? What are the limitations on homesites where a mobile/manufactured home can be located?

Double Wide Mobile Homes What makes them "double" Simply put, Double Wide Mobile Homes are two sections that bolt together to make one large unit. Factory built homes come in a lot of shapes and sizes. Normally, though, they are rectangular, and usually they come in two or more pieces.

There are three main categories that can help to describe the size and look of a manufactured home: the single-wide, double-wide, and triple-wide. A single-wide manufactured home is what most commonly comes to mind upon hearing the word “mobile home.” A single-wide manufactured home is the smallest of the three categories, measuring 18 feet.

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Single Wide vs. Double Wide Mobile Homes. December 22, 2011 By admin.. singe wide mobile homes. Single wides are the least expensive and also the smaller of the two and they are built in the factory and delivered onsite ready to go.

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Single wide and double wide structures are both built in a manufacturing environment; they are not custom building systems, so any changes to the building method would have to be specifically approved by an engineer, which is expensive.