Own Your Own Condo

. are considered your personal property and are not usually covered by standard condo insurance. Personal property insurance extends your coverage to the things you own. Floods and earthquakes are.

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If you own a true condominium, you own the space between the outside walls. You do not own the land in fee. If there are 50 units in the project you would likely own 1/50th of the land as tenants in common with the other neighbors. There may be some common area and parking might be on a separate parcel. So, you might own 1/50th of those parcels, also.

The Logan, a new Leslieville development by Daniels, boasts a rooftop garden for residents to grow their own food. Part of the attraction of living in a condo near Queen West is the abundance of.

It was knocked down a few years ago and is now a condo tower with units that can sell for over $. as if you were being.

 · Surprise! It’s one of the things that surprises many first-time condo owners. That balcony that you can access only through your suite, through sliding glass doors from your own unit. the one that only you or someone from your condo can get to (without dangerously crawling over the railing from the neighbouring unit) – – isn’t yours.

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The Whispering Waters condo building was named a historic landmark by the Pasadena City Council. (Courtesy city of Pasadena) Mayell said that it was in Pasadena where his father refined the.

The difference between an Own Your Own (OYO) and a Long Beach condo is a philosophical one. With a condo, one owns the airspace that the condo occupies, with an OYO they own an undivided interest in the complex with the right to occupy a certain apartment. OYO has much more limited financing but otherwise is like a condo in that respect.

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