Age Cut Off For Military

Join the Military as an Enlisted Member. Enlisted members make up most of the military workforce. They receive training in a job specialty and do most of the hands-on work. Usually, you’ll sign up for four years of active duty and four years inactive.

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Age limits vary based on active-duty, prior service, or reserve. In addition, 17-year old applicants require parental consent. interested in Joining the Military?

Eligibility Requirements. The Military isn’t looking for just anyone to treat its service members and their family members. Aspiring military physicians must distinguish themselves mentally and physically, and always push themselves to be the best.

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Welcome to the United States Air Force. Learn about great opportunities for enlisted airmen, officers and health care professionals. U.S. Air Force – Meet requirements

Air Force raises enlistee age limit from 27 to 39. The maximum age for Army enlisted recruits is 35, while the Navy and Marines cap recruit ages at 34 and 28, respectively. Under federal law, the oldest recruit any military branch can enlist is 42, although each service sets its own policy within that limit.

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If you’re new to the military, you must meet the following Active Duty service requirements: AGE. To serve as an Enlisted Sailor, you must be between the ages of 17-39. If you are not yet 18, you must have parental consent. To serve as an Officer, you must be at least 19 and less than 42 years of age (depending on Officer specialty).

The last military draft in the United States occurred during the Vietnam War. However, men must still register for the draft even when the country is not at war. Twenty-six years is the cutoff age. Who Has to Register. Men between the ages of 18 and 25, inclusive, must register for the draft.

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The federal law that can be manipulated in a case by case basis states that the minimum age for enlistment in the United States military is 17 (with parental consent) and 18 (without parental consent). The maximum age is 35.

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